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International Conference on Construction Law and Digital Technology
Taiwan 台灣

Construction Dispute Settlement and Prevention Amid Pandemic: A Conciliation Theory
Prof. Sundra Rajoo

First and foremost, I would like to thank the organizers,The Research Development Center of Construction Law and the Taiwan-Malaysia Digital Technology International Centre for the kind invitation to speak at this conference. I pay special credit to the Ministry of Science and Technology Taiwan for subsidizing the conference …
首先,我要感謝主辦單位工程法律研究發展中心以及臺馬數位科技海外科研中心邀請我於本次會議中演講,特別感謝臺灣國科會對本次會議的資助,這是他們與臺灣教育部以及東南亞國家 共同推動海外科學研究與技術開發合作的部級努力之一 …

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