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International Conference on Construction Law and Digital Technology
Taiwan 台灣

Public Procurement laws in India 印度政府採購法
Santosh Pai

The public procurement market in India is valued between 20-30% of the country’s GDP making it an extremely attractive proposition for both domestic and foreign companies alike. India has a detailed legal framework for public procurement. However, the relevant provisions are not consolidated in …
印度的公共採購市場價值佔該國GDP的20-30% 這使得它對國內和外國公司都具有極大的吸引力,但是,相關規定並沒有合併在一個單一的綜合立法中定義,財政部在其《貨物採購手冊》(2017年)中將其定義為”採購實體直接或通過與之簽訂採購…

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