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International Conference on Construction Law and Digital Technology
Taiwan 台灣

Whether an Estimate is a Financing or a Consideration.估驗款是融資還是對價
Dr. Hwang Li 黃立博士

The topic of today’s report is whether the estimate is a financing or a consideration.Is the Estimate “Financing” or “Consideration”? The Taiwan High Court’s Civil Judgment No. 44 of 102 (affirmed by the Supreme Court’s Civil Ruling No. 17 of 104): “The term “contract” refers to a contract in which the parties agree that one party …
今天要報告的題目是估驗款是融資還是對價。估驗款是「融資」還是「對價」臺灣高等法院 102 年建上字第 44 號民事判決(經最高法院 104 年台上字第 17 號民事裁定維持原判決見解):「稱承攬者,謂當事人約定,一方為他方完成一定之工作,他方俟工作完成…

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