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International Conference on Construction Law and Digital Technology
Taiwan 台灣

Government Procurement Law in Taiwan 我國政府採購制度介紹
Director Luo Tian-Jiann 羅天健處長

Hello everyone. I am the Director of the Planning Division of the Public Works Commission of the Executive Yuan,
I am Luo Tianjian.I am honored to briefly introduce our government procurement system to you today.What about our government procurement? Basically, this is how we acquire projects, property, labor…
各位觀眾,大家好,我是行政院公共工程委員會企劃處處長,我叫羅天健,那今天很榮幸來跟各位大概簡單的介紹一下我國的政府採購制度,那我們的政府採購呢,基本上是這樣,就是我們在政府機關公立學校公營事業去取得工程、財物、勞務。那付出對價 …

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