About Us

Taiwan-Malaysia Digital Technology International Centre (DiTIC)

The Centre is established in University of Reading Malaysia (UoRM) on the 1st November 2017 in Malaysia. The core research area of the Centre are BIM, AR, VR and big data analytic but it is not limited to aforementioned area. The collaboration is initiated by Taiwan Tamkang University, inviting collaborations from the Malaysian universities, professors, industries and government agencies. The Centre is committed to be the core frontier in bilateral exchange of scientific and technological research, nurturing talents and technological development.
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Research Development Center of Construction Law (CLC)

The Centre is established at Tamkang University on August 2010 and is categorised as a tertiary level research center. TKU Research Development Centre
of Construction Law is directed by Associate Professor Dr. Fan Su-Ling, Department of Civil Engineering, Tamkang University. The Centre accepts entrustment from the industry, government and academic agencies. The Centre provides following services:
1.Forensic Engineering, Expert Opinion and Professional Consultation
2.Project Management, Construction Law and Information Technology Commissioned
3.Promotion of Courses and Education Training

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